Eggs in Many Baskets? (28#/100)

by Ulla Virtanen, TAKK

Or happy chicken in the house?


Well, I’ll try to be clever today. You have chickens. Who have many eggs. You have a hen house and a people house. And you want to have scrambled eggs. What happens if you put all your eggs in one basket and while walking from the hen house to the people house, drop it? That’s it. You’ll stay hungry. What happens if you divide the eggs into two baskets? You’ll end up juggling with two baskets, have no free hands to open the doors with, and you still drop them all. Still hungry. What if you have many baskets, divide the eggs into let’s say three (or x) baskets, take them separately inside, the odds say, dividing the favourable walks (3/x) with all the potential possibilities (the chicken crash the eggs, the lightning hits the basket, the rain starts, your shoe breaks down, etc. etc. (1 342 5754 times), the chance of having them all inside intact is pretty small. This is no good either.

In Vocational Education and Training, to be serious, having many baskets means making business with many different educational resources: apprenticeship, self-motivated training, employment training and in-house training, for example. Many trainees, many buyers. Now this Easter and the whole year around it, we are facing The Educational Reform, of reorganising the baskets and making queues of the eggs, so who gets to eat? And who lives in the hen house?

The solution for the first case, is to invite the chickens inside your home, give them the best room next to the kitchen, build a bullet-proof and padded conveyor belt from the hen room to the kitchen stove and you’ll not need to buy the baskets nor the hen house at all.

Happy Easter!

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