Team Finland and Teaming Finland? (#25/100)

Let's be partners - We are not far

Tampere is not difficult to reach!

by Ulla Virtanen, TAKK

Of course this is not the best time to talk about teaming the whole Finland, when our dear City of Tampere is split in two hockey camps: The Lynxes (Ilves) and the Battle Axes (Tappara, yes!). I will talk to the fans of the previous, even though I support the latter, but it is easy to do so, as the BA’s won. For the time being. (In Education we always support the loosing side: Go for it, Ilves!)

To the Topic of the Day. Which means Teaming Finland. Blogger does not need to run through the whole history of Team Finland, thank goodness. Study yourselves, please. It is enough to remind you that hockey was supposedly the original point of departure for producing the concept ”Team Finland”, tough guys and girls for good old Suomi Finland, now 100 years.

I have only one point: I want to take out the internal competition from this Teamed Finland Education to create spirit, as the teen spirit has left us long ago and the senior years loom in the horizon… Our Finnish state level representatives have gathered their troops together to support us for better and for worse, so now it is our turn to forget about the team names, the feuds and the races, and start teaming up as SUOMI FINLAND EDUCATION.

Who dares to be an open marvellous book – continuously and in every minute of the day? After all, Linux is from Finland, and look how marvellous job he has done.

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