Topics 100 – Suomi Finland 100 (#22/100)

Officially IN

TAKK International Blog IN!

TAKK International Blog has been accepted to the Suomi Finland 100 programme. For the celebration, our International Blog in TAKK or takki as we call it (meaning coat) is blue and white, pls see the main site header and the beautiful new logo we have the privilege to use. We have reached already more than two hundred visitors, with almost 750 views in 10 different countries. This is wonderful! Now it is time to boost ourselves for the next almost 80 postings. There are many more topics to cover.

Students, we will outreach them next. Stories of choosing a career, moving onwards and changing things at the workplace. Learning environments, they play such important roles… Where do we learn best and why? Digitalisation, what do people want to learn and how? Trainer’s motivation, what keeps us going every day at the workplace? Parties, you absolutely have to participate in the parties that we organise for our staff members – what an awesome way to build the VET team spirit.

What would you like to read about next?

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