Today (#21/100)

Together, TAKK and JAMK have just finished a vocational further education programme for international customers and partners from overseas. Soon, these charming and knowledgeable directors are getting onboard our Blue Wings to fly back home with a small piece of Finnish education in their heart, we hope and believe.

Happy today


Today, I am proud of my colleagues in Finnish VET, who truly know the vocational education and training inside out, who have the versatile competences to carry out and convey their many tasks with the visiting partners and who have two feet on the ground for training the many professions of our society. You are GOOD.

Today, I am proud of Finland, who safeguards the individual’s right to have a study plan that brings out the best in him or her, the right to be qualified for the profession and the dream – plus the right – to have a meaningful job for oneself; in order to lay out the foundation for an independent life among the others.

Today, we in TAKK have learned that this blog is part of the Finland 100 programme. VET in a centennial Finland is ever so strong, despite the winds that blow hard and shake the core of our vocational education. Being part of the programme is an honour, given to the little stories that tell about the everyday life around us all: the people who keep the wheels of Finland going. Thank you.

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