Dreams DO Come True – TAKK Students to Astana Expo 2017 (#20/100)

by Ulla Virtanen

Yesterday was the day when I cried of happiness of our two students in my car in the middle of Lahti. We had just had a press event for many Kazakhstan journalists and bloggers about the KFEIG Education and Innovation Group offering to Kazakhstan with Finpro representatives. Returning to my car, there were two missed calls.

KFEIG logo

KFEIG making Finnish Education business

Sun was shining in the sky and in my heart, as I had two very happy phone calls with the chosen candidates to Astana Expo 2017. They are going to be TAKK’s student guides in the Finland Pavilion with 13 other students from LAMK, JAMK, and HAMK. Several prestigious visitors to meet during this summer, many professionals to connect with, chances to create for oneself and the company one is working for. What a dream – we in TAKK wish them all the good this chance can give. And you will hear from them soon!


Why did I cry?

Listening to the happy bubbling talk and the bundle of questions, I remembered Helen Niskala, Associate Professor Emerita of UBC School of Nursing, in Canada… In 1990 I was backpacking in Canada for a month then after finishing high school. Towards the end of my journey I ended up in Vancouver, my dream city. I was lost in the campus of UBC which I dreamt of and there she came to me, talking to me, happy to meet a Finn, offered lunch, tea in the wonderful canteen with Haida Indian statues and talked about studies, the city and life in general.

She made me promise I will do the same to the students that I encounter here and there in my adult life and in a profession. Help them, push them ahead a bit, give them a hand, create chances. I now give this task to you, my reader.

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