Have them both: No Need to Choose between Sports and Qualifications (#17/100)

Finns are crazy about the sports and also about the spectator sports. This is so understandable right after the Lahti 2017 Nordic World Ski Championships, but also valid throughout the year and for every sports discipline.

Tea Nikkilä

The spirit of the Sports Programme, Ms Tea Nikkilä

I wonder, how many realize how hard it is to combine serious sports and study? Or sports and study and work?

TAKK is working on finding the special model for training sportsmen and sportswomen with Tampere region partners. In this MEC funded project, the study paths are individually planned. The on-the-job periods and the contact study days are built into the exercise and competition rhythm. Here the local sports clubs and sports governing bodies are important development partners. Also, the form of training can flexibly be changed between independent and apprenticeship study. Thinking outside the box, right?

These all arrangements mean the athlete can have the workout in the morning, study and work during the daytime hours and then return to sports for the evening. For the serious athletes, sports comes first. But even the sports is not an obstacle for getting a qualification. So you can save the cake and still eat it!

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