HiOMO Grinds Students into Entrepreneurs (#15/100)

HiOMO logo

HiOMO, or the “Grindery” for promoting entrepreneurship in TAKK

TAKK Entrepreneurship HiOMO or ”Grindery” in English, is TAKK’s way to organise entrepreneurship and management training to TAKK students and business clients. HiOMO team of trainers and experts offers education services for entrepreneurs-to-be, for the already operating entrepreneurs and for students who have entrepreneurship modules in their qualification-based studies in TAKK. HiOMO also gives free of charge entrepreneurship guidance to TAKK students.

HiOMO joy!

Join the HiOMO!

HiOMO offers a wide range of short courses for example in Internet marketing, self-defence or security in customer service. Longer training programmes or qualifications include for example product development, first-line or business management. HiOMO Entrepreneurship Guidance is opened weekly on both campuses. Hop in and get grinded into a precious stone!

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