TAKK quality training for Guangzhou Panyu Polytechic in China (#12/100)

Satu Neuvonen and Jan Wichmann training in China

Satu Neuvonen and Jan Wichmann on wonderful education tasks in Guangzhou

by Jan Wichmann, TAKK

TAKK trainers spent a week in China with 30 senior staff members of the Guangzhou Panyu Polytechnic (GZPP). The topic was to introduce to GZPP the European quality management model EFQM. TAKK has successfully implemented EFQM in its own quality management program and achieved by it the MEC quality award in November 2016. GZPP is aiming to streamline their future quality work around the EFQM model.

Chinese partners taking quality issues seriously with TAKK

Working on quality management in Guangzhou

Two trainers from TAKK spent a full week together with GZPP principals, senior management and department deans, working through the ins and outs of the EFQM model. The training program consisted of lectures and hands-on workshops, where participants were outlining the future development areas for GZPP.

The week went extremely well. Both trainers and participants learned a great deal from each other on culture and on different ways to manage quality. The program will continue in the coming months.

A huge thank you to all eager participants at GZPP!


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