Dear European Partners, (#10/100)

How are you? Isn’t this how the letters begin. This is our short blog letter to honour and thank you all. Let’s face it, what would we be without you all. (And this is where I would put a smiley emoji if this was a WhatsApp message. You can see me smiling.) Therefore, I’ll continue the letter. Dear partners, we are well. TAKK has survived the biggest plunge of vocational education and training in Finland for decades. It’s not that we wouldn’t be doing the right things, but all of Finland needs to save in costs these times and this is how we do our share as expected. Debts are not the legacy to pass on to the next generations. We are smaller, but very vibrant. We have more of shorter training programmes, but our parking lot is daily full of cars. We have lots of activities, but even more with employers and workseekers, because without the work, there are no students. We are fewer, but blending in the marketplaces and student gatherings to outreach the target groups. We are easy to reach, live and online.

Moving on to you all, thank you so much for being. Just being there, as then you are to be found and brought into the networks of TAKK and vice versa. There are hundreds or even thousands of EU projects where you have partnered with us in developing something greater than each of us could have done separately. Strategic development of organisations, mobility periods for students and staff members, digital skills, learning environments, new methodologies, value dialogues and an unforgettable number of sectoral development projects. Let’s continue together this good work. Have a great year!

Yours sincerely, TAKK

2 thoughts on “Dear European Partners, (#10/100)

  1. Hello Ulla, thank you very much for your news. It’s nice to hear from you and I’ll give you all my regards and wishes for your future. May be we could have an new partnership in the future, not even with my former school, the KS 1 in Stuttgart, but in cooperation with my new education-portal or my small education-company – in both I’m engaged since my retirement in august 2015. Kind regards to you and team TAKK. Uli Kohler

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    • Dear Uli Kohler, great to jear from you and thank you for the comment. Our International team members can now reach you through the contacts you sent us, very interesting – vielen danke! Happy spring to you, I am sure it is almost spring in Stuttgart. Kindly, Ulla Virtanen


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