TAKKCareerBooster in Brussels (#9/100)


Boost your career in Europe

”Submit Online” with a long secretive term ”Form Hash Code” looks so lovely to many international activities coordinators this week in Vocational Education and Training (greetings to you all!). This is our secret language meaning: your work of many months has been paid off by sending IN an application in the Erasmus+ Programme. More uncoding: almost a hundred vocational secondary institutions in Finland have made their plans for international mobility periods in Europe for the next one or two years to come and have sent a Key Action 1 (KA1) Learning Mobility of Individuals application to the Brussels database. Now, all we can do, is to wait until late May to hear the result. How exciting.

Let me unwrap the reasons why we want to offer these chances, which are open to TAKK students – including the recent graduates – staff members and regional business partners. In TAKK, we have seen in the previous KA1 projects that the international experiences in study and worklife modify the values, increase understanding, develop professional skills and deepen commitment to one’s sector. Improving self-knowledge, courage, motivation, social skills, employability, life management and professional pride in just the few weeks that the mobility periods in Europe are for – where back home can you get this kind of a booster to your person and career? Coordinator of Student Services, Ms Anni Niva with her team and European network is now waiting for the news for our TAKKCareerBooster application. Keep your fingers crossed, it may just change YOUR life.

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