Do You Want to Have a Finnish Vocational Qualification? (#8/100)

Let's start planning!

Let’s build a programme together!

Enough of talk. Enough of visions and dreams, now we turn the competece-based qualifications into programme offers for education customers outside of Europe. Yes, The Finnish National Board of Education (FNBE) has granted TAKK a permit for qualification-based international education service business in December 2016. Therefore, education and business partners outside of Europe: your staff members or your students CAN do a partial or an entire qualification with us. Talk will turn into plans now. Exactly today the eleven vocational institutions that have the permit, will meet in Southern Finland. Lists of qualifications are shortened into the ”shortlist” of hot potatoes and customers are the ones who define which qualifications sell. Our job is to create the learning environment that makes this all possible beyond the distances. What is digital competence for?

Finland is full of competence and methodology for very specific areas that are of high demand in so many countries. Few to mention, the elderly care of the aging Finland calls for Practical Nurses, who are widely experienced, self-initiative and skillful caretakers in different kinds of social and health care jobs. Community Interpreters match the need of the immigrants and the many communal services in literally interpreting the customers to the service people and vice versa. Understanding and being understood is the key to staying in charge of your life in a new setting, in a new country. Environmental Experts deal with waste and recycling management and draft organisation level sustainability plans, saving energy, materials, lives, time and money – among so many other tasks. Making Finland pure and green.

TAKK has more than a hundred qualifications to start with, skills to evaluate and train adult competence – shall we get on with it? What is the competence you need? Throw us an email

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