The Young and the Immigrants (#7/100)

TAKK welcomes You!

Welcome to TAKK!

Vocational education and training stays, target groups vary. The picture of the present time in Europe, Finland, Tampere and TAKK is that there is an increasing amount of young men and immigrants without professions. These two big categories also coincide, which means more of young immigrant men without profession. Both of these are important target groups that need our special attention – together and separately. The young ones fit into the Young Adults’ Skills Programme, launched in 2013 by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC) – naturally as part of the Youth Guarantee. Here, TAKK has good experience on training 947 students so far, who have finished 1201 partial qualifications and 161 entire qualifications. Now the Young Adult’s Skills Programme continues to offer chances for more than a hundred students still in 2017. Excellent.

The immigrants have a brand new programme by the MEC of Finland, ”Vocational Training Programme for the Immigrants”. Not that this would be something radically different from the previous, but the emphasis of the country on the growing number of immigrants is clear and the target group specific matters are known to the stakeholders. In this programme, more support for the language skills development is provided while doing the vocational studies. Qualifications can be acquired in parts, to guarantee opportunities for employment, and the qualification can be finished a bit later. There are no age limits to the participation in the programme. Sounds good, eh? Well, TAKK has nearly 30 years of experience in immigrant education, so the students are in good hands.

Both of You, welcome to TAKK.

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