100 Stories from TAKK in Instagram (#6/100)

More of a news this time: celebrating the hundred years of Finland, TAKK launches a social media campaign with the title of 100 Stories from TAKK. These stories offer a peek in both the ordinary and the special days of TAKK – as we turn to 55 this year. That is a reason to celebrate, as well. Please follow #TAKK55.


Stay tuned!

This middle-aged and energetic adult education centre knows how to tweet and ”to instagram” (did you know it is a verb nowadays and found also in the famous Cambridge Dictionary?). The only filter for the stories is the photographer and the storyteller. Thus, follow the #100tarinaaTAKKista and you’ll catch quite a collection of sceneries, portraits, visions, sights, events and moments in TAKK and Finnish VET.

About the Finnish language: It is not difficult, as sometimes mentioned… but to save your time, some of the Instagram stories will find their way to One Hundred Blog Stories of TAKK in 2017, in English.

Welcome to follow!

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