Partner in life – CIMO, now Finnish National Agency for Education EDUFI (#5/100)

You know how all education people have one good contact to turn to in all internationalisation matters on a government level? Well, in Finland until the end of last year it was CIMO. This gentleman (as “Simo” is a Finnish man’s name and the pronounciation is pretty much the same) has become my companion for life in education and training. The one and only. Whose number is in my speed dial numbers – a real speed date, but a very trustworthy and a knowledgeable one.

Of course, long ago I had learned to call Centre for International Mobility as “CIMO” and it had become something more than a centre. A great group of experts always with answers about European training issues. Already last year I learned that CIMO was to have a merger with FNBE (Finnish National Board of Education) at this new year of 2017, and the new family name for the couple is now Finnish National Agency for Education EDUFI. For European contacts it is enough to say that these people are our NA, THE national agency.

This new agency is to have all the good qualities and services as the two before separately. Developing education and life-long learning, promoting international mobility and cooperation, providing guidelines and data for international programmes. The best feeling with the old and the new agency is that when I am implementing the European VET policy on a grass-root level with our students, staff and stakeholders, the agency will guide me all the way. It is an unbroken chain of guidelines, services and outcomes. I believe in EDUFI and I will give it a speed dial number on my mobile.

PS. “TAKK” stands for Tampere Adult Education Centre (Tampereen AikuisKoulutusKeskus in Finnish) and actually in Norwegian it means “thank you”, takk. How wonderful is that.

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