Renovating TAKK’s Nirva – Renewing Education (#4/100)

Thinking outside the box, or building out of the box? In the middle of the Finnish VET reform, it is very comforting and refreshing to think about the walls and the rooms and the set-up of the learning and teaching premises. The “classroom” has come far from the times of the early 1900’s and somehow got back to where it belongs: the workplace. Mind you, I am not saying, we take the class to the workplace, but we rebuild the workplace to TAKK premises. There is an essential difference there. Nirva-to-be of TAKK

Conceptual drawing of Nirva

Couple of facts: Firstly, TAKK owns two campuses, one in the centre of Tampere City and the other one in Nirva area, by the motorways to Helsinki and Jyväskylä – easy to reach. Secondly, Nirva has expanded within the 40 plus years of existence into a true labyrinth and quarter of buildings, though wonderful collection of workshops and team rooms.

Nirva Campus is going through a series of renovations before the early 2020’s. The new plans are the result of the collaboration of students, staff members, entrepreneurs and designers. Bare make-up won’t do, as it’s just cosmetics. No, the work and study premises are variable and convertible. Squares are in optimal use. Windows to workspaces are opened up and walls are taken down – not sacrificing security nor comfort. Auditorium outside is my favourite – can you hear the birds singing and do you smell the green grass as you listen to the welcome words?

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