Finnish VET Quality is the Choice in China (#2/100)

TAKK will carry out a Quality Management further education programme for an education partner and customer in Guangzhou of Southern China in early 2017. The participants of the programme want to develop their knowledge, tools and skills to redesign the quality management system of their institution. These are very interesting, though challenging jobs for TAKK experts. One needs to observe, read and analyse the needs of the international education customer. At the same time, one needs to reflect the opportunities and challenges of the customer in their own environment. Which processes can be changed? What is the desired outcome? How can I – as a partner – help in this process? What dream jobs for the ones who are not afraid of the road less travelled by…

Quality in Finnish VET is a daily choice. Everyone in the organisation has a role and a task in making quality live and vibrant. Every trainer carries the quality commitment along in the activities throughout the day. This quality culture and practice is not easy to turn into the use of international education partners, but the goal is the same: provide high-quality education and training for the students every day, making each individual count.

Did-you-know:  TAKK received The Vocational Education and Training Quality Award received from the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC) in December 2016.

Making everyone count.

Quality is a daily choice.






Read more about the VET Quality Award and TAKK in China.

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